Monday, 2 March 2009

How your photos can keep love alive.

Here's an interesting idea from the world of Feng Shui, from across the pond. A feng shui way to help you stay present continually is to keep your relationship photos, the ones you frame and display, up to date. (And the one in your wallet or purse).

Yes, you want to display a wedding photo — but not lots of them if the wedding was five or more years ago. Feel free to rotate the displayed wedding photos with your favorites - decide on these favorites together, of course.

Select one or more relationship frames and display current photos of you two enjoying each other.

You can leave the previous photo behind the current one in the frame. This anchors your past loving events with the current ones and magnifies their power.

Create a relationship treasure map. (This sounds like a lot of fun).

This can be a combination of intentions and ongoing reality. Or it can simply be a fun way to record one or more years of fun together — photos, tickets and programs to shared events, a string of Mardi Gras beads from a party or your visit to New Orleans, (London, Glasgow, Liverpool, Bournemouth) postcards from your travels. Sometimes, it works better to colour copy the program of an event in a reduced size. Start with a poster board and a frame. Choose either already coloured boards or paint the board a warm gold colour (earth and metal), a red, plum, merlot colour (fire energy) or black (water energy).

Then start adding photos.

When the board starts getting crowded, start another one.

You could do one a year. You'll keep them, of course.

However, after 20 or more years, you might choose to take photos of them and keep them digitally, instead.

Display only the current one, though, to keep your relationship vibrant. (Maybe combine good past events with pictures and ideas for your plans together for the future, bigger house, different holiday locations, joint goals for the two of you).

Kathleen Tumpane is a professional interior designer, feng shui consultant, speaker and author of “Slim House Slim Body.” For more information, visit

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