Friday, 11 February 2011

Introducing our new book Let's Talk Love

I’m so excited!

Nigel and I are on the cusp, teetering on the edge, at the very brink of publishing our first book

I’ve wanted to be an author since I wrote my first school essay. (The title 'SA' shows how young I was!) I always thought it would be an adventure story and there may still be that novel in me waiting for the right moment to emerge. What I know now is that I’m best at writing what I know about and our relationship coaching practice has proved a great source of inspiration.

Nigel and I help people if their relationship hits a rough patch. We believe that relationships grow and prosper by paying attention to the little things, so we teach our clients a number of communicating and relating tools that help them on an everyday basis. One of the most successful - like lots of successful ideas – is also one of the most simple. It is about telling your partner how much you admire, care for and LOVE them.

Let me introduce you to Let’s Talk Love –it has some funny bits, some saucy bits and some poignant bits!

Have you noticed how some people find it difficult to say ‘I love You? When I was researching the different things that move people about their partners, I was amazed by the number of people who were happy to contribute their own, deeply felt, love statements, while telling us they’d never said them to their partner! We’ve heard all sorts of excuses:

It doesn’t mean anything – how can three little words convey everything I feel?

She knows I love her- I told her years ago and nothing has changed

He doesn't need to be told - he only gets embarrassed if I say something soppy

So we put together more than 150 simple and effective ‘love statements’ that lovers can use:

To untie their tongues when they're embarrassed

To find the right phrase for the right moment

To inspire them to say out it loud when they are moved by something about their partner

Things like: I love it when you wiggle your nose I love the way you can always cook up something good for dinner What I love about you is the way you want to make a difference I love the way you are moved by a glorious sunset I love watching you shave and the way you finish by smoothing down your eyebrows When we teach our clients this simple technique – they nod and promise to practise finding between 5 and 10 things a day they can say to their other half. But we don’t let them get away with that! We make them do it there and then. They might start a bit embarrassed until they hit on something to say. Then as they take turns they grow in confidence and find they are inspired by what their partner says. By the time they’ve heard 10 wonderful love statements they are preening – positively oozing wellbeing! And they go away knowing this is something to DO, not think about! They go away with our mantra in their ears – "SAY IT OUT LOUD!"

Now we’re introducing our 'baby' to the rest of the world and what better time than Valentine's Day, when most people are already searching for ways to show their love to that special person in their life. Bouquets of red roses, wonderful and witty prose in scarlet coloured cards, champagne and a slap up meal are traditional and popular gifts. We think telling your partner how, when and what you love about them adds something extra special to the day.

You can already pre-order the book from Amazon and it’s scheduled for publication in time for the Royal Wedding on April 29th.

Which leaves me back where I started – very excited – and hoping you’ll all share in the anticipation with us.

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