Monday, 23 May 2011

We're moving home

Everybody knows that moving home is stressful!

I may be mad but I thought I'd write a mini-diary of how Nigel and I weather what is reportedly one of the most testing times in a couple's relationship. Perhaps you'll laugh and cry with us as we downsize, de-clutter and de-camp. We'd love to hear from you about your experiences too.

We love our house in the New Forest and have had some wonderful times here, which made it a difficult decision to move. About a year ago we took some time to think about the future we wanted to create for ourselves. We highly recommend this intensive 'time out' approach - it's great for dealing with issues and reconnecting with where you want to be. More on the techniques we used another time.

We had to steal the time from the 'busy-ness' of our lives, so our first goal was to re-establish boundaries between home and work life and to see how we could create more opportunity to simply enjoy ourselves. Moving on, we realised that the house and garden seemed to reproach us continuously for the time we never found to take care of it! It was then a short step to grasp that letting go of our home would mean we could live more simply and even achieve financial independence by paying off the mortgage.

The property market didn't played ball with our decision to sell and we explored Plan B, Plan C and Plan D over the last year to find other ways of achieving our objectives. We have been 'up' and we have been 'down' as we made and unmade plans. Thankfully, we were rarely 'down' at the same time. I'd love to say we managed our emotional state effectively and consistently but it wouldn't be entirely true. What we have learnt and what has made us stronger has been our willingness to say 'sorry' when things get out of hand. There are many other lessons on the way!

We have now sold - so the next chapter will be about the negotiations.  Nigel and I have very different approaches! Luckily we both believe that our differences make us a stronger team.

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