Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The Hindsight Generator

Wouldn't it be useful to know the potential consequences of our actions before we do something we later regret?

How often do you find yourself wishing in hindsight you had done something differently? Me too!!
The judgement doesn't do much for self esteem and can often make apologising or attempting to put things 'right' a bit difficult. 'Responsibility' often carries the high chance of punishment or pain.

So I thought it would be really useful to design a 'Hindsight generator'. This would have to be a physical object, which would prompt conscious awareness of the potential mistake just in front of you.

From my days at school, when I was in the Combined Cadet Force the image of rifle training came to mind, as I remembered the need to line up the hind-sight with the fore-sight. It's important to keep both in view and line them up or the target will be missed and the shot could go anywhere and hit something you or I were not aiming at.
Having the foresight to plan for mishaps usually requires a good dose of hindsight from a previous occasion. This can be someone else's hindsight, fitted to our situation or our own hindsight, often more compelling than other people's mistakes.

The 'Hindsight generator', in my mind, takes the form of a water pistol. (Less lethal than a proper gun). This water pistol is however constructed back to front. That is the foresight is by the grip and the hindsight at the business end of the barrel. Squeezing the trigger activates the water and squirts cold water into your own eye from the handle not the muzzle. This is to remind you to take into account the possible consequences of the words or action you were about to say or do.

Should you feel this pistol needs to be pointed at someone else for them to have a good dose of hindsight, before doing or saying the 'wrong' thing, when you reverse the pistol to point the handle at them and squeeze the trigger the squirt of cold water comes out of the nozzle and still goes in your eye! Reminding you to think of the possible consequences of your own actions.

At the moment this is still in the idea stage. Should this be just the thing for you please put yourself on the waiting list by sending me an email and I'll get right onto making a prototype or two. In the meantime if you find you have 'got it wrong' again because of lack of hindsight in advance, remember 'sorry' is a very powerful word. More on ways to do this in another BLOG soon.

What refinements could you offer to make the 'Hindsight generator' even more effective?

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