Monday, 22 August 2011

Letting Go and Finding The Way Forward

Free Spirit Summer Camp
At the beginning of this month I wrote about taking a step back and reviewing where we're going. This sounds so trite and doesn't at all convey the liberation we achieved as we let go of the frustrations of the immediate past and regained our passion for where we're headed.

Our thanks go out to our great friend, Lynn Murphy of Keeping in Touch for picking just the right moment to recommend the 5 day Free Spirit Community Camp. We were keen campers when the children were young and although we hadn't slept under canvas for many years we were excited about recapturing the sense of freedom that comes with living outdoors. 

 Was this all about rediscovering our hippie roots?
There's no doubt that the idea of a community camp owes a lot to hippie ideology: there were no unneccessary rules, plenty of music - even for the less than talented - and a great feeling of co-operation. This wasn't just camping, it was also a chance to join in as we wished, to explore ideas with others and generally to allow our minds to free-wheel. We've made new friends and look forward to meeting them again ... maybe next year. 

I'm not sure what in the end helped us most in letting go of the tension associated with our aborted house move and the impact on our business. I think it was the time to just 'be' that worked the greatest magic - something that can get lost in the busy-ness of our constant thinking and doing. This was real 'me time' without any extra agenda for sorting things out or expectations of what we might achieve while we were there.

Bringing that peace and learning home
Have you noticed how quickly people seem to lose the benefit of their holidays? "Oh yes, I had a great time BUT it seems ages ago now." Or "The trouble with holidays is you have to work twice as hard when you come back to catch up."

I like to look forward to my next holiday just as much as the next person AND I also like to keep the memories of my latest holiday alive and with me for as long as possible. It has almost become a ritual for Nigel and I to set aside some 're-entry' time when we get back from a holiday. This is 'Us time' and our aim is to fix in our minds all the positive things we want to keep, using the opportunity to work out how to make them part of the rest of our lives.

This was especially true of our return from the Free Spirit Community Camp. This time much of the learning was in our mindset and we shared a strong desire, not just to unpack the many T chests and cardboard boxes but to move back into our house as if it is our new home.  In the couple of weeks since then, we've looked at our home and our belongings with fresh eyes. We've bonded once more with house and garden, rediscovering those things we really love
  • We're creating more space in the garden by moving the shed, selling the greenhouse and removing old, overgrown shrubs. 
  • We're planning to make better use of our internal space though we're a bit hampered as Nigel's tools are still packed away. Maybe a garage refit is also on the cards?  
  • We've already moved around the office, giving us both a garden view and much more daylight 
Suddenly our house is no longer just somewhere we're keeping in good order for the estate agents to show off proudly! The change this makes is subtle - yet so positve.

What's more, we haven't allowed ourselves to rush headlong back into the development of The Relationship People.  Instead we've taken time out to talk to the people we work with or want to work with in future. In talking to others we've been clarifying our own thinking and in listening we've gained so much more! Expect more news on this front before long. You can make sure of keeping in touch by signing up for our monthly newsletter at the top right of thid BLOG.

This autumn could be very busy as we start to put our plans into action. What I want to have happen is that we both keep a healthy perspective on what will move us forward and avoid getting bogged down by excessive busy-ness.

What plans do you have? What special memories will you keep from your recent holidays?

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