Monday, 19 December 2011

The slippery question of sex in later years!

Imagine our surprise one day when visiting an 85 year old relative, who lives in a block of 'Warden Controlled' old peoples' flats, to discover a tube of KY jelly sitting happily next to her new laptop computer. We wondered if she had discovered some interesting sites on the internet or if the 'boozy evenings' that took place in the communal lounge had developed into something more!

We carefully enquired about the lubricant. Actually I said, “Aha! What are you getting up to now?” With a chuckle our wrinkly relative replied, “Because I'm on oxygen so often, my lips get really dry and ordinary vaseline doesn't help. Several of us here use this instead!”

The chuckle turned into a laugh as she told us about one of the 'inmates' who had been detailed to buy supplies on behalf of them all from the local chemist - a place where many of them go for their pills and other medical bits and pieces. This resident is physically fit but very deaf and because she has trouble hearing tends to speak in a LOUD voice.

Picture the scene as the old lady approaches the counter, brandishing three tubes of KY jelly. Seeing the startled look on the sales assistant's face she hastily shouts, “These aren't all for me you know!”

What would the assistant and waiting customers have made of this remark?
I suppose it depends on her imagination. She knew where these products were going: a residential complex of some 50 old dears with a few assorted men. What could they be up to, and was it still possible at their age?

Sex is a subject we frequently talk about with the couples who come to see us. It doesn't matter what age they are as sexual intimacy is important throughout life. At older ages it may not have the same athletic quality and frequency that younger people enjoy. Nevertheless couples devise their own ways of keeping close through intimate touch. We do our best to avoid 'advice' but for older couples always recommend lubrication as a great aid to enjoyment for both parties.It's now usually accompanied by this lovely tale.
Read the next blog about sex after 90 to pick up a few light hearted pointers on technique!

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