Thursday, 1 March 2012

Finding the moving home mindset

Following our failed attempt to sell the house last year, we decided to 'fall in love' with our home all over again and put off further attempts at selling for an indefinite period. We knew this was possible as we focussed on all the positive aspects of living in Landford.(Our clients will recognise this refrain of 'look for the positives' and the negatives will become less significant!)
  • We have a great relationship with many of our neighbours. This didn't just happen - over the 12 years we've lived here, we've put effort into community projects and grown our circle of friends and acquaintances
  • Our home is light, spacious and comfortable
  • We have plenty of different work spaces, where we can see our clients
  • We have room for our family to come and stay
  • Our garden is full of shrubs and flowers
What has changed?
We got so close to moving into a different space, a different environment and a different way of life that having it snatched away from us has left us feeling in limbo. We know we have to move. The house is too big for just the two of us. The garden takes too much time to keep  looking lovely. And most of all the building society want their money back! 

We want to spend more time writing, speaking and spreading the word about improving relationships and reaching potential. We are ready to hand on the baton to people who will love this home as we have. Who will see it's potential for improvement and who will settle into the village and be part of the community.

So we tidied away the clutter, polished the surfaces and refreshed the way each room is presented and called in the agents.

Estate agents
Selling our house has brought us into contact with a lot of estate agents. Do they just get a bad press or is their reputation deserved? 

One thing that continues to surprise us is that we seem to have to supply the imagination for them. However we present our house is how they see it - and how they sell it. They do not appear to see the potential for change to suit different buyers' needs - or else they're just being very polite! This leaves us with a quandary - how much work do we do to make our home into an ideal fit for a particular model of buyer? The answer is we have probably done a lot of that work in the house. The garden, however, is another matter. It is full of mature shrubs and trees, which makes it particularly lovely in Spring. It's also hard work to maintain and provides a busy and full aspect, which most people cannot see beyond. Okay - 'overgrown' was one comment last year!

Are our expectations too high? Have  we been seduced by the likes of Kirsty and Phil who escort potential home buyers around a whole range of properties pointing out opportunities to develop and improve? Who do we expect to take on this role? Can it be / should it be estateg agents?

In the end we make our choice once more, based on the individuals whose values seem most closely aligned with ours.  Someone who, for at least a while we believe, will put aside their own commission targets and focus on meeting our goals for a speedy sale at a price that we thinks represents good value. 

Sticking with the positives
We have already had two viewings, so the market isn't completely flat. Our price and the presentation of our house is attracting interest, we're told. So we must be patient for now...

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